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What Is GAINSWave?

At Tru Male Medical, board-certified internal and geriatric physician Dr. Robert Marshall works with men to help them overcome erectile dysfunction (known as ED). Men who experience ED, which is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, can experience stress and feel embarrassed by a situation they cannot usually control. Safe and effective to use for most men, GAINSWave uses sound waves to stimulate blood circulation while at the same time encouraging the growth of new blood vessels in the genitals. We invite you to learn more by calling our Oak Brook, IL practice.

What Are the Benefits of GAINSWave?

GAINSWave therapy at Tru Male Medical offers a revolutionary approach to improving men's sexual health. Utilizing advanced acoustic wave technology, this non-invasive treatment targets symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronie's Disease. Its benefits can include:

  • Enhances Erection Quality: Improves blood flow for stronger, more sustainable erections.
  • Non-Invasive Treatment: A pain-free, drug-free alternative to traditional ED remedies.
  • Addresses Peyronie’s Disease: Helps reduce curvature and discomfort.
  • Long-Lasting Results: Offers lasting improvements in sexual performance.
  • Quick, Convenient Sessions: Treatment completed in short, manageable appointments.

what to expect from gainswave

GAINSWave is performed in our Oak Brook, IL office. Although the treatment does not cause pain, we will apply a numbing ointment to help with any discomfort. The procedure generally takes 30 minutes. The patient will lie back on our comfortable treatment table, and using the GAINSWave handheld device, the low-intensity sound waves are passed over the penis and genital area. This process is repeated for a few minutes. The patient is then examined and released. Most men are able to continue a normal day right after the procedure. For best results, Dr. Marshall might recommend multiple treatments over the course of a number of weeks. In most cases, a common treatment plan would include 6 – 12 treatments.

Am I a Candidate for GAINSWave?

Candidates for GAINSWave ED treatment typically include men experiencing mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Those with vascular-related ED or difficulties achieving and maintaining an erection due to poor blood flow to the penis may find GAINSWave particularly beneficial. However, men with severe ED, certain underlying medical conditions, or those on specific medications may not be suitable candidates. To determine whether you may be a good candidate for GAINSWave, our qualified and knowledgeable team will review your health and medical history, discuss your symptoms and goals, and perform a comprehensive consultation prior to recommending GAINSWave therapy.

The staff at trumale medical is very professional. I have had pellets and p-shot done so far, and I will be back! The front desk (Rosa) to Dr Marshall and Kelly (nurse practitioner) are very friendly and knowledgeable! I feel very comfortable speaking to them about a sensitive subject. I will be back for future treatments!

C.K. Google

The staff is so welcoming here, Rose is amazing to talk to. She's easy to talk to, fantastic at helping with scheduling appointments, and helpful with setting up payment plans. Kelly is super smart and is easy to discuss desired goals and how different treatments can help achieve those results. While there are other offices that are closer to me, I go out of my way to see Rose and Kelly because they're that good.

J.J. Google

I was hesitant at first, out right scared even. What made an initial big difference was within the first 2 visits I knew the staff / team were on my side. I was pretty low on the ED scale - which means not good - but my nurse practicioner Kelly said, "Don't worry. We have alot of ways to make this work. We are going to make it happen." I think that statement is one of the keys to success. My treatment has very much been for me as the individual; at the same time the staff shares what has worked with others, as much as can. I am doing a 1-year treatment program. Within my first month of treatment I had successful penetration. Within my first 2 months of treatment, my girlfriend and I had one of the best sex nights a person could ask for. Yes again everyone is different, be patient, stay the course, but my testimony is true. I'm now 4+ months into treatment. From my experience, here are some keys: 1) Be outright honest with your partner - "honesty is the best policy", lol. In this case it's true. The unquestioned full support I have makes all the difference. If you're partner isn't 100% supportive then you're probably not with the right person (Sorry :/). There's no doubt this is tough - we are sticking our necks out and deserve to be appreciated for it. 2) The Tru-Male staff. Kelly rocks it. She's a blast to work with. She's my therapist. Rosa at the front desk is awesome. She is so supportive; she's a good listener and has a ton of good advice. Danielle has been there for me the whole time. She helped me get things started and has been a cornerstone to success. I've had appointments with Rodney - he's awesome for sure. Everyone is so professional. They are all friends to me; they're definitely invited to my wedding some years down the road. What a table that'll be :) 3) How do we keep this going? That's a good question. Stick with your program. Don't slide on your part (most iomportant) of the therapy. Have faith. 4) Try to relax. Have faith in life. Love your partner. Love those around you.

R.H. Google

" Absolutely guys make things simple and easy and also work with my schedule. The lady at the front desk is warm and friendly. Easy payment plan. It feels like people care and also will be blunt. "

J.W Office Visit

" Hey Chuck, the appointment was great. Kelly is amazing. She educated me on various important things and explained your program and process thoroughly. The staff made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. And I was in and out in a fairly fast time for being my first time there. I loved the experience. "

R.O Office Visit


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Noninvasive ED Solution

Our ED treatments at Tru Male Medical, featuring GAINSWave, offer the newest and best technology to help to solve your ED problems. Before you try drugs that may offer unwanted side effects or invasive injections, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marshall in Oak Brook, IL to learn more about GAINSWave. This nonsurgical ED solution can help you, whether you want to treat your erectile dysfunction or enhance your sexual performance.

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Can GAINSWave be combined with other treatments for enhanced results?

Yes, many men choose to combine GAINSWave therapy with other ED treatments for synergistic effects. For instance, medication for erectile dysfunction can be used alongside GAINSWave to provide even better results. Dr. Robert Marshall can discuss your options and create a personalized treatment plan during your consultation at our Oak Brook, IL practice.

How soon can I expect results from GAINSWave?

The timeline for results can vary depending on the individual and the severity of their ED. However, some men report improvement after just a single session, while others may need multiple treatments to see noticeable changes. Dr. Marshall generally recommends a course of 6 - 12 treatments for optimal results, and he will work with you to determine the most effective treatment schedule at our office.

Are there any activities I should avoid post-treatment?

While GAINSWave is a noninvasive and generally well-tolerated treatment, it's always a good idea to take it easy for a day or two following the procedure. Most men can resume their normal activities immediately, but Dr. Marshall might recommend avoiding strenuous physical activities for a short period to ensure optimal healing and effectiveness of the treatment.

What is the technology behind GAINSWave treatment?

GAINSWave utilizes high-frequency acoustic waves to enhance male sexual performance. This technology, known as shockwave therapy, targets the tissues and blood vessels in the penis to stimulate the release of growth factors and the formation of new blood vessels. This process, often referred to as neovascularization, enhances blood flow, which is crucial for achieving and maintaining erections. The therapy is non-invasive and leverages the body's natural healing mechanisms to improve overall sexual function without the use of medications or surgeries.

Are there any side effects associated with GAINSWave therapy?

GAINSWave therapy is known for its safety and has minimal side effects. Most patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure. After treatment, some may notice mild redness, swelling, or tingling in the treated area, but these symptoms typically resolve quickly. Since the therapy is non-invasive and drug-free, it does not carry the risks associated with surgical procedures or pharmaceuticals, making it a preferred option for many seeking improvements in sexual health.

Is there any preparation required before undergoing GAINSWave treatment?

There is minimal preparation required for GAINSWave therapy. Patients are typically advised to maintain good overall health and follow a balanced diet to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Avoiding alcohol and smoking before sessions can also be beneficial, as these can affect circulation and overall health. It’s important for patients to discuss their full medical history with their healthcare provider before beginning the treatment to ensure the best personalized care plan.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.