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Looking to Take Your Sexual Performance to the Next Level?

Dr. Robert Marshall09/16/2023

Tru Male Medical offers exciting solutions, including testosterone and penis fillers, for men seeking peak sexual performance through modern methods.


Are Obese Males More at Risk for Erectile Dysfunction?


Explore the link between obesity and erectile dysfunction and how innovative treatments like sound wave therapy in Oak Brook, IL, can help here.


Unleashing the Power of Hormones and GAINSWave

A Biohacker's Guide to Supercharging Sexual Performance


What Are The Benefits of BHRT?

Learn more about the benefits of BHRT and contact Tru Male Medical to schedule an appointment today.


What Exactly Is ED Erectile Dysfunction?

Read more about the possible causes of erectile dysfunction and the treatment options available at our office in Oak Brook, IL


5 Signs You May be Suffering From a Testosterone Deficiency

Dr. Marshall can help you with testosterone deficiency. Have you experienced any of these five signs?


Are You a Candidate For Penis Fillers?

Find out more from our experienced staff at Tru Male Medical.


Myths & Facts About Erectile Dysfunction Every Man Should Know

Read the myths and facts about erectile dysfunction and contact Tru Male Medical today.


ED: It’s More Common Than You Think

Read more about erectile dysfunction treatments Dr. Robert Marshall offers at his Oak Brook, IL office.


How Does GAINSWave Work?

Read more about how GAINSWave works and contact our office in Oak Brook, IL with any questions.


How GAINSWave Therapy is Revolutionizing Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Learn more about GAINSWave Therapy from Dr. Marshall at Tru Male Medical.


How Long Do GAINSWave Results Last?

Find out about how long your GAINSWave results will last from our team in Oak Brook, IL


Does GAINSWave Increase Size?

Learn more about the GAINSWave treatment at our Oak Brook, IL office.

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