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What Exactly Is ED Erectile Dysfunction?

ED erectile dysfunction affects many men and is a relatively common condition. However, it can be frustrating and even embarrassing for many, so those who do suffer from ED are often curious about treatment options. It isn’t something you have to live with, and here at Tru-Male Medical in Oak Brook, Illinois, we can help you overcome this obstacle.

What Exactly Is ED Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is a condition in which one cannot get or keep an erection. While it is normal to not be able to get an erection sometimes, having regular issues could be a sign of erectile dysfunction.

When males become aroused, the body sends more blood into the penis. Tissue traps that blood and maintains the pressure inside your penis, causing an erection. When the blood flow to the penis becomes restricted, erectile dysfunction can develop. It is a frustrating condition that can also cause embarrassment. It can also put a strain on relationships.

Even though it is a common problem for many men, it does not mean that it has to be for you. There are treatment options available!

The Possible Causes

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to ED. The factors can be medical, emotional, or even a combination of health and emotion. However, there are some risk factors that can increase the chances of developing ED including high blood pressure, heart disease, age, obesity, smoking, drug or alcohol use, and high blood sugar.

Once over the age of 50, the odds of developing erectile dysfunction heighten, but that doesn’t mean that all men over 50 will experience it. It’s important to get this condition looked at, though, because it could be a sign of a number of serious health concerns that don’t discriminate when it comes to age.

Many emotional factors can also cause erectile dysfunction including anxiety, heightened stress, depression, and even conflicts in relationships. All of those factors can even make ED worse. Both emotional and physical therapies can be used together to help combat this very complex condition.

The Treatment Options

If you believe that you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are options available. You would come in for a consultation where our experts will talk with you about all of your symptoms and then a physical exam would be performed. Then, our professionals would discuss the treatment options with you and let you know which one you may benefit the most from.

Some of these treatments can be used together to boost the treatment of the ED. Our experts will work with you to determine which treatment or combination of treatment you are most comfortable with that can also benefit you.


There are medications available that help relax the muscles in the penis and cause the blood to flow more freely. This is a very popular option that many have found to work for them but if you aren’t interested in medication there are other options as well.


This is an innovative technology that uses low-frequency sound waves to boost blood vessel health and also improve the natural flow of blood throughout the body. This is a non-invasive option that has worked for many. Because ED is caused by a lack of blood flow, this treatment boosts the natural blood flow within the body.

PRP, PRF and Exesomes Shots

Along with GAINSWave you can use PRP, PRF and Exesomes Shots as nonsurgical options to treat ED and improve sexual function. These options use platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injected into the penis to increase blood flow and tissue growth.

Lifestyle Changes

Our professionals will also discuss certain lifestyle changes with you that can help improve erectile dysfunction. For example, if you are a smoker, it would be recommended that you quit smoking as this can significantly improve the symptoms of ED. It’s also a good idea to be at a healthy weight and increase your activity levels, as this too has been shown to help.

It will also be discussed as to whether or not you suffer from another medical condition such as high blood pressure. It is important to monitor all other health conditions in addition to erectile dysfunction.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can It Be Prevented?

Because ED erectile dysfunction is such a complicated condition, one may develop it regardless of their lifestyle. However, you can decrease your risk of developing erectile dysfunction by eating healthy, exercising, maintaining your mental health, and avoiding drugs, alcohol, and smoking.

2. Is It a Permanent Issue?

This may vary on a case-to-case basis as erectile dysfunction can be caused by another underlying condition; but typically, it is not permanent and can be treated. Some men may even notice symptoms for a period of time only. Either way, it does not have to be a permanent condition.

3. Does GAINSWave Hurt?

No, there is no pain associated with this type of treatment. It is simple low-frequency sound waves that are used to enhance the natural blood flow of the body. This type of treatment for erectile dysfunction is non-surgical and non-invasive. It’s also a fast treatment that works naturally, which many men have found appealing.

4. How Long Does GAINSWave Take to Work?

This is going to vary from person to person. While one man may notice significant improvement after just one session, others may require more to further improve their condition. When talking to our professionals, they will let you know what to expect and when you may see an improvement.

5. Can I Still Have ED if I’m Young?

Yes, even young men can suffer from erectile dysfunction. It could be due to an emotional problem or even a physical issue. As a young man, if you are experiencing symptoms of ED, you should still be looked at by a doctor to ensure that there are no serious underlying health issues causing it. And, while age can increase the risk of ED, young men can experience it as well.

6. Could It Still Be ED if I Am Only Able to Keep an Erection for a Short Time?

It could be. Erectile dysfunction can be associated with only being able to keep an erection for a short time. If you find that you are only able to keep an erection for a short time and cannot complete sex, you may be experiencing erectile dysfunction.

7. Are There Any Tests I Need to Have Done to Confirm Erectile Dysfunction?

Typically, a physical examination and an explanation of your symptoms are all that needs to happen to confirm erectile dysfunction. However, in certain cases, other types of tests may need to be performed. Our experts will be there to explain everything and ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process.

8. Can Certain Medications Cause ED?

Yes, there are a number of medications that can cause erectile dysfunction. During your consultation, our experts will run through your health history with you including any medications you are currently taking.

9. Can I Still Benefit From Treatment if I Have Had ED for a Long Time?

Yes, even if you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for a period of time, you can still benefit from treatment. While it can sometimes be an embarrassing condition to discuss with a doctor, our staff understands and will be professional and informative throughout the entire process.

10. Is This a Common Condition?

Yes, erectile dysfunction is unfortunately fairly common. More than 30 million men are estimated to suffer from ED. Just because you are suffering from this condition does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from another underlying health issue. This is why it is important to talk to a doctor about this type of condition to determine what is actually causing it and how to fix the issue.

11. Are There At-Home Treatment Options?

There are many different types of ways to deal with erectile dysfunction and many of them have to do with lifestyle changes as well as mental health issues. Our professionals will evaluate your specific circumstances and come up with a treatment plan that you can personally benefit from. This type of condition does vary, so one treatment may work for somebody else and not for you.

12. What if My ED Is Caused by an Emotional Issue?

Even if you believe that your erectile dysfunction is caused by an emotional issue, we do have treatment options that can help. Our experts will discuss all of your options with you, try to determine the cause, and come up with a treatment plan that will work for you. A lot of the time, this type of condition can be caused by something emotional so there’s no need to be embarrassed.

13. Can Tight Underwear Cause This Condition?

While this is a common belief, it is untrue. Tight underwear cannot be the cause of erectile dysfunction. The issue either stems from something health-related or emotionally related. Our experts will work with you to help you uncover the underlying issue that is causing the erectile dysfunction and come up with a personalized treatment option for you.

14. Are the Treatment Options Safe?

Yes, all of the treatment options we offer are completely safe. There is no risk associated with the type of treatment that we provide when dealing with erectile dysfunction. You can rest easy during any of the treatment options we have available as they are all safe!

Get the Help You Need Today

ED erectile dysfunction can be frustrating and embarrassing. While it may be uncomfortable at first to discuss this type of issue with a professional, the treatment options can help you deal with it and hopefully get back that confidence. Come see us today at Tru-Male Medical in Oak Brook, Illinois to discover the treatment options that will work for you!

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