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What Are The Benefits of BHRT?

Testosterone decline brings many unwanted changes to men’s health and wellness. Insomnia, loss of muscle mass, and a decrease in strength are some of the problems that are associated with andropause or testosterone deficiency. Thankfully, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy now offers a way to address these issues and help men restore their natural balance. At Tru Male Medical in Oak Brook, IL, we work closely with you to develop a personalized BHRT treatment plan.

What Are the Benefits of BHRT?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is not only for women who are approaching menopause. BHRT treatments offer many benefits to men as well. Like women, men are also prone to experiencing hormone-related symptoms of aging, which can affect both their physical and mental well-being. Around the age of 30, men can experience mild to moderate symptoms of hormone decline.

Hot flashes, mood swings, and a decrease in stamina are some of the symptoms of hormone-related decline in men. By supplementing with bioidentical hormones, it’s possible to minimize and greatly reduce these symptoms, so you can enjoy an improved quality of daily life. Some of the benefits of BHRT for men include:

Enhanced Sex Drive and Function

Testosterone helps regulate men’s libido and reproductive function. By optimizing your testosterone levels, we can help you increase your sexual desire and improve the quality of your relationships.

Additionally, if you are already getting treatment for erectile dysfunction, supplementing with testosterone may help you enhance the outcomes of your treatment.

Increased Cognitive Ability

Have you noticed a decline in your brain function? Forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating are some of the symptoms of a decline in cognitive ability. By restoring your optimum hormone balance, we can help improve your alertness and keep your memory sharp as you go through middle age. This helps you keep performing at your best.

Improved Emotional Well-Being

A decline in hormone levels can also affect your emotional well-being. One of the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is that it can help regulate your mood and decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you have difficulty regulating your anger and other emotions, you can benefit from hormone therapy. When your hormone levels are optimized, your brain functions normally and you may experience more consistent and stable moods.

Increased Ability To Build Muscle

Aging and hormone decline can make it difficult for you to build muscle and lose fat. This is because testosterone can affect how your body builds muscle mass as you engage in physical activities.

To make the most of your workouts and fitness routines throughout middle age, you may get hormone therapy that balances your testosterone levels. With this treatment, you can better reap the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Improved Hair Growth

Hair loss in men can also be a symptom of hormone decline. This is because testosterone supports the health and function of hair follicles. If you are getting treatments for hair loss and thinning hair, getting testosterone replacement therapy may improve and enhance your treatment outcomes.

Better Sleep Quality

Your hormones are also responsible for regulating your body’s internal clock. if you’ve been suffering from insomnia and have difficulty getting quality sleep, hormone decline might be to blame. By optimizing your testosterone levels to normal, we can help you achieve a natural balance and regulate your sleeping patterns.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a non-invasive treatment that aims to balance and optimize your hormone levels. Both men and women who are experiencing the symptoms of hormone decline can benefit from this treatment. We will personalize your treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals.

As you start your treatment, we will continuously monitor your symptoms and hormone levels to ensure that you get optimal amounts of hormones throughout your treatment. You can expect to attend follow-up consultations and regular lab testing to ensure that the treatment helps you achieve your ideal hormone levels. We can adjust or change your dosage based on how your body responds to the treatment.

Why It’s Important To Address Hormone Imbalance

Many men assume that hormone changes and imbalances won’t affect their health and wellness, and that hormone decline is only a problem that women approaching menopause have to go through. Unfortunately, hormone imbalance can significantly affect men as well.

Testosterone decline can start as early as the age of 30. By the time men reach their middle age, andropause (also known as male menopause) typically occurs. This period marks a significant decline in the natural production of male sex hormones. Furthermore, some men may have naturally low levels of testosterone, which can cause health and wellness problems.

Why Choose Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are made with natural plant extracts that are structurally compatible with the hormones naturally produced in the body. They have the same structure as the ones produced by the endocrine system. Synthetic hormones, which are manufactured in the laboratory, are not identical to bioidentical hormones on a molecular level.

Our cells contain hormone receptors that tend to be more accepting of bioidentical hormones. There’s no need for bioidentical hormones to be reconstituted within cells before they can be accepted and used by the body. This reduces and minimizes the risk of any side effects for men and women who choose to get hormone replacement therapy.

How Do You Know if You Have Hormone Deficiency?

Laboratory tests can determine whether your testosterone levels fall outside the acceptable range. Before starting your treatment, we can check your current testing levels and assess your current symptoms. If your test results show that you have falling testosterone levels that may be causing your symptoms, we can help.

Our team can help you understand your condition and come up with a personalized treatment plan that aims to restore your natural balance and improve your overall health.

How Are Hormones Delivered to Your Body?

We offer different forms of hormone therapy, including injections, pellets, skin patches, and oral medications. Each one can supplement you with bioidentical testosterone and any other hormones that your body may need. The goal of the treatment is to reduce, minimize, or reverse your systems so that you can achieve better health and wellness.

Our team will determine the best method and dosage for you based on your laboratory results and preferences. Because the treatment can always be adjusted and tailored to your needs, the method of delivery and dosage can be changed as you proceed with your treatment. We will ensure that you are happy with your results and comfortable with your treatment method.

What Happens During Your Treatment?

Initial Consultation

To get started with your treatment, we will first schedule an initial consultation with you. We will ask about your symptoms, lifestyle, and other treatment concerns.

Diagnostic tests may be performed so we can measure your current hormone levels. Upon receiving your lab results, we can then determine the best dosage and variety of hormones that you may need to restore your natural balance.

Administering Hormones

Once we have confirmed that you’re a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy, we can then discuss the different methods of hormone delivery and choose the one that suits your lifestyle preferences.

After setting your expectations for the treatment, we can then start delivering hormones to your body. We’ll schedule an appointment for the insertion of your pellet implants or prescribe you bioidentical hormones. We may also schedule regular testosterone injections or provide you with patches.

Monitoring and Follow-Ups

Because bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is personalized according to your health condition and treatment goals, we will need to schedule regular follow-up appointments and monitor how your body responds o the treatment. In doing so, we can ensure that you are always receiving the right dosage of hormones that will optimize your health and wellness.

Our team will guide you each step of the way and listen to all your questions and concerns. Our goal is to help you discover and experience the benefits of hormone replacement therapy while helping you find relief from the unwanted symptoms of aging and hormone decline.

Experience the Benefits of BHRT

Would you like to know whether you’re a good candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? Contact Tru Male Medical in Oak Brook, IL, and schedule a consultation with our team. Your age and health condition shouldn’t prevent you from experiencing the benefits of this revolutionary treatment. Our team will work closely with you to help you thrive and maintain optimum health and wellness.

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